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Youthful Facial Muscle, Function and Tone Naturally Regenerated

At Health Cellutions Biohacking and Regenerative Health Studio in Scottsdale, we find that some of our clients want their face to look and function naturally. Regaining youthful bone, muscles and tone is a common desire. Health Cellutions Biohacking and Regenerative Health programs  focus on rebuilding the facial structures that have been lost over time.  By working the facial muscles we see the muscle becoming healthy and pink again. You regain full natural facial expressions. As it is with the rest of the body when we build muscle strength the supporting bone structures strengthen and rebuild,  giving you back that youthful appearance and function. Health Cellutions does not believe that injecting toxins (Botox) and artificial fillers into the body is a good idea. In fact over time these injections cause further facial functional decline. That is why we do not offer injectable toxins or dermal filers of any type.  We focus on reversing the aging process through exercise and muscle stimulation. EmFace exercises your facial muscles for you.


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EmFace is the latest advancement in facial muscle, bone and youthful fat building technology, using the power of electrical stimulation and radio frequency (RF) energy to produce incredible results.

EmFace in Scottsdale combines high-intensity electromagnetic therapy with RF thermal energy to create precise muscle contractions. The synchronized RF remodels and smooths the skin by heating the dermis and increasing the production of collagen and elastin fibers, while the HIFES technology restores and elevates facial tissues by selectively contracting muscles. This produces increased density and quality of muscle and bone structure within your face! It also stimulates the body to produce collagen and elastin naturally. Thus encouraging your body to do what it does best, Heal and Regenerate.


Facial Exercise Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 


Results Duration:

1 Year

What it Help With

Muscle loss

Bone loss

Fat loss

Lack of definition

Skin Laxity

Stroke or Bells Palsy

Why Try EmFace in Scottsdale?


Non Invasive & Non toxic

EmFace delivers youthful results through the rebuilding and strengthening of facial support muscles, bone and natural fat pads.

Foundational Treatment

EmFace at Health Cellutions isn’t a one-off treatment. Its a facial exercise program making it the foundation for more youthful function and appearance. Like any exercise regime the facial muscles and bone need regular stimulation to maintain their strength. Health Cellutions Biohacking and Regenerative Health programs utilize the EmFace muscle stimulation technology to jump start the bodies natural muscle and bone regeneration process. Typically 4-6 training sessions one week apart to start. It then continues with one training session every 3 months to maintain muscle and bone strength.


No Recovery Period

After an EmFace exercise session at Health Cellutions, you can get right back to your day without missing a beat. Your face will feel stronger and natural facial expressions are noticeable during the initial series of training sessions. Maximum benefits are noticed 3-4 months after the initial training regime.


What to Expect

The EmFace Process



Before your EmFace treatment, you’ll meet with a Health Cellutions provider for a consultation. We will examine your area(s) of concern, answer your questions, and discuss your concerns and goals for this treatment. The consultation process helps us determine if this is the best treatment for you and how many sessions are needed for your desired results.


EmFace Sessions

For the EmFace exercise session itself, we will make sure you are in a comfortable lying position before applying the EmFace paddles to your forehead and cheeks. You will feel the sensation of muscle contractions created by electromagnetic energy and some heat, but it should not be painful. We can adjust the intensity of the EmFace exercise session to your tolerance level for the duration of the treatment.


Next Steps

After you have completed your series of EmFace facial exercise sessions, your muscles and bone will continue to develop and strengthen for 3 months. We recommend one maintenance EmFace exercise session every 3 months. This will maintain muscle tone, strength and volume and will continue the bone rebuilding process that was initiated by the initial sessions.


Care Instructions

Pre/Post-Care Instructions for EmFace in Scottsdale at Health Cellutions Biohacking and Regenerative Health Studio

Remove Metals

Remove any metal materials, jewelry, before the session itself.


Remain hydrated for optimal muscle building during and after the facial exercise session.

Healthy Habits

Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to keep your results permanent, as this helps maintain your results and promotes overall better health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is EmFace painful?

An EmFace exercise session should not be painful. Your provider will tailor the intensity of the muscle contractions according to your tolerance level. You will experience the sensation of muscle contractions in your face like you would with facial expressions. You will also experience a warm sensation as the RF heat brings blood flow and oxygen to the muscle groups and helps stimulate natural production of collagen and elastin to dramatically increase the health of the skin and underlying support structures.

How long do EmFace results last?

EmFace results can last, but unfortunately, there is no stopping facial aging. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help maintain your EmFace results, but we also recommend  EmFace facial exercise sessions every 3 months in order to maintain muscle strength and bone production.

How does EmFace compare to Botox?

Unlike Botox, EmFace in Scottsdale is completely needle-free and toxin-free. Rather than injecting neurotoxin to paralyze your muscles, EmFace naturally enhances your overall youthful appearance by stimulating your muscles and bone from deep within your facial structure. This produces results from the inside out, re-creating your natural healthy function and appearance. Regenerate and rejuvenate your face naturally reversing the aging process.

 Am I a good candidate for EmFace?

Anyone with a face is a good candidate for EmFace in Scottsdale. Whether you’re a man or woman, in good shape or overweight, old or young, the benefits of EmFace are almost universal. Healthy facial muscle activity triggers the release of a number of “happy hormones” that create a feeling of well being and help reduce the effects of stress on the entire body. You can try out our Virtual Consultation Tool to learn if EmFace is right for you.

Get Started With A Virtual Consultation

Curated by our health and wellness specialists, this tool provides instant recommendations customized to you.


Virtual Consultation Tool