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Cardiovascular Improvement

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Live Longer: Improve Your Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, so you can imagine how important heart and cardiovascular health is. Our cardiovascular system is made up of intricate blood vessels throughout our body, making sure oxygen and nutrients reach every part of it. Health Cellutions in Scottsdale employs NASA technology called Vasper Smart Exercise System. Vasper in Scottsdale is an invigorating 20 minute exercise session that helps reboot your bodies hormonal and recovery/healing systems. Combined with LiveO2 EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) and your body experiences huge cardiovascular benefits.

So, the best way to keep those blood vessels and that heart healthy? Consistent exercise with Vasper and LiveO2 at Health Cellutions in Arizona  gets your blood full of healing oxygen. LiveO2 and Vasper help you feel Amazing again.


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At Health Cellutions, we also incorporate PULSE Pemf to energize and optimize all the cells in your cardiovascular system and entire body. Combine the PULSE Pemf, LiveO2, Vasper and ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise)  to boost your strength and cardiovascular health to new heights. To polish things off and further improve cardiovascular fitness we incorporate Sunlighten Infrared saunas. These have been proven clinically to aid in detoxification and dramatically improve cardiovascular health. We will analyze your current diet, metabolic levels, and heart and lung function to devise plans towards your cardiovascular improvement in Scottsdale. We’ll be there throughout the whole process! Cardiovascular health is key to longevity and at Health Cellutions we use all of our great tools to give you amplified benefits that you cannot find elsewhere. You will feel the difference almost immediately.

Treatment Details

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What it Treats

Cardiovascular disease prevention

Some cardiovascular issues

Extra weight

Unwanted fat

Poor nutrition

Poor circulation

Respiratory health



Why Try Cardiovascular Improvement in Scottsdale?


Live Longer

Having good cardiovascular health leads to fewer heart-related diseases and thus a longer life!


Lose Weight

Developing your nutrition and fitness plan based on your goals will help you lose weight.


Build Confidence

As you make and achieve your personal cardiovascular improvement goals, your self-confidence will keep on growing!


What to Expect

The Cardiovascular Improvment Process



The first step to all of our treatments at Health Cellutions is a consultation. We learn valuable things about you, like why you’re seeking treatment, what kind of symptoms you have, and what you hope to gain from treatment! Learning about your concerns and outlining your goals is vital to the process; it helps us to develop your precise personalized treatment plan.



Cardiovascular Improvement Session

During our cardiovascular improvement session in Scottsdale, we will perform lung and heart fitness assessments, metabolic and cellular assessments, and discuss your personalized nutrition and fitness program. These assessments will tell us where you are and your goals will tell us where you need to be!



Next Steps

Once we’ve laid out all your plans, talked through them, and answered all your questions, you’re ready to get started improving your cardiovascular health! We’ll meet with you as needed to help keep you accountable and alter any of your goals and plans if needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cardiovascular health important?

In your cardiovascular system, your blood vessels and heart work together to supply your entire body with oxygen and nutrients, all while ridding your body of carbon dioxide  and toxins. Your heart needs to be strong enough to efficiently pump blood throughout your body and keep you alive! Your vessels need to be toned and elastic. They need to be clear of deposits and harmful substances.Your lung function and capacity needs to be healthy in order to get oxygen into the blood stream at the highest concentration possible in order to get good oxygen levels to everywhere in the body. The dynamic combination of Vasper, LiveO2, ARX, PULSE Pemf and Infrared Sauna provides for optimal cardiovascular training and health.


How long is a cardiovascular improvement session?

A cardiovascular training session at Health Cellutions takes about 30 to 90 minutes depending on your goals and current physical condition. Health Cellutions sessions are customized specifically to meet your individual needs.


What are the main components of bettering cardiovascular health?

According to the American Heart Association, there are 7 main ways to keep your cardiovascular health in check: not smoking, regular physical activity, a healthy diet, maintaining normal weight, and controlling cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. At Health Cellutions in Scottsdale we believe there are many important factors other that make up a comprehensive recovery or optimization plan. With our help, consider it done-and-done! The Health Cellutions team will continually upgrade your program as you progress towards your goals.


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