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Go Under the Ice

Go under the ice instead of the knife to look and feel younger. Whole Body Cryotherapy is a revolutionary method of cold therapy involving a brief exposure to subzero temperatures that can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, rejuvenate skin, aid in weight loss, and so much more!

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Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments in Scottsdale work by subjecting the skin to controlled levels of subzero temperatures in the form of liquid nitrogen vapors. At Health Cellutions, we conduct treatment with equipment called a cryochamber or cryosauna. This exposure triggers the release of endorphins, while the enhanced blood circulation decreases inflammation and stimulates cellular regeneration. Cryotherapy triggers an increase in the body’s natural pain relievers and mood lifting hormones, so you can experience immediate benefits! Recent studies have revealed that the exposure to extreme cold triggers the production and release of “Cold Shock Proteins”. These proteins and other substances trigger nerve regeneration and massive inflammation reduction. Get you Freeze on and “Feel Amazing Again” at Health Cellutions in Scottsdale.

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 

3  to 5

Results Duration:


What it Treats

Chronic pain




Multiple sclerosis



Alzheimer's disease


Weight management


Why Try Cryotherapy in Scottsdale?



Cryotherapy can be used for a variety of conditions and areas of the body!



The treatment leaves you feeling refreshed; patients claim a host of physical and mental benefits.



The nitrogen vapor remains inside the chamber, while your head remains outside of the chamber.


What to Expect

The Cryotherapy Process



Before your Cryotherapy treatment in Scottsdale, you’ll meet with a member of our team for a consultation. We will discuss your concerns and goals and expectations for treatment. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you have about treatment! Based on this initial consultation, we will customize the best Cryotherapy plan for you.


Cryotherapy Treatment

Before starting treatment, we’ll answer any last minute questions and get you feeling comfortable to begin. Once your body is in the chamber, the chamber will fill with nitrogen vapor and lower your skin’s temperature. A temporary dry chill penetrates the outer layer of skin, releasing endorphins and enhancing blood circulation. Treatment lasts an average of just 3 minutes.


Next Steps

After you’re out of the chamber, your body immediately reheats. You will not have any downtime; you will simply enjoy feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! At this time, we will schedule any follow-up sessions necessary.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Your Cryotherapy Treatment in Scottsdale, Health Cellutions Recommends:

No Jewelry

Take out jewelry and body piercings below the neck prior to treatment.

No Lotions/Creams

Don’t apply lotions, oils, creams, or perfume/cologne prior to treatment.


Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

After Your Cryotherapy Treatment in Scottsdale, Health Cellutions Recommends:


Drink plenty of water to help your body temperature return back to it’s natural state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cryotherapy feel like?

Cryotherapy feels like being cold. Towards the end, you may feel a “pins and needles” sensation as if your arm or leg is falling asleep, but it will go away as soon as treatment ends.

How cold does Cryotherapy get?

The chamber reaches between -140 and -190 degrees Fahrenheit.

How often should I do Cryotherapy?

Most people feel benefits after just 1 treatment, but we recommend coming in routinely for cumulative benefits. When we meet for a consultation, we can discuss what that treatment plan might look like for you based on what you want out of Cryotherapy!

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