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Health Cellutions is the first and only holistic pain and wellness performance studio of its kind. We offer the latest in cutting-edge technology that is science-backed and data-driven, because we believe taking control of personal health and performance is a universal challenge. Our team is committed to producing real, measurable results for our patients through customized treatment plans.

Our origin story

Health Cellutions was created by Dr. Brian Thompson in an effort to challenge the status quo of an overly saturated health and wellness industry. Through combining innovative technologies, evidence-based exercise, and nutrition science, Health Cellutions delivers results that go beyond conventional approaches to health, longevity, and performance. By focusing on the cell function and health we are able to encourage healing from the inside out. Thus creating dynamic energy and helping everyone to feel and function better. Dr. Thompsons goal for Health Cellutions is to touch a million lives by proactively increasing global Health and Functional fitness while at the same time dramatically decreasing the likelihood of injury or disease.

Our highly qualified team of professionals understands the power of the body’s natural healing ability firsthand and wants to give that back to the community through our service. Many clients, close friends, and family members have experienced  dynamic changes in health and the disappearance of health challenges. The Health Cellutions team works closely with each individual to insure a custom and comprehensive plan of action that focuses on energizing, exercising and recovering the entire body. We strive to increase your health-span and your lifespan. That is living healthier longer with dynamic energy and minimal inflammation. Feeling “Amazing”again.

Changing the wellness industry, one patient at a time

Our team works together to provide exceptional care, uncompromising quality, and profound results. We’re here to make real, measurable changes in the wellness industry by healing underlying problems, not just prescriptively addressing symptoms.

Our Values: Trust, Honor, Integrity, Compassion, Service to Others

Results Focused

We use data-driven technology to help our patients enhance their performance based on real results over time. We’re focused on what works.

Patient-based Treatments

We know that everyone’s body has a unique composition, so we develop our treatment plans based on our patients’ specific needs and goals.

Integrative Health

We’re not here to replace medical doctors, we’re here to partner with our patient’s regular medical care to provide safe and effective training methods.

Embrace Challenge

The road to a thriving life comes with challenges, we’re here to work through and overcome them.


It’s not fitness. It’s life!

As a company, Health Cellutions is passionate about supporting the health and wellness of our employees as much as we do for our patients. We strive to create a friendly and educational culture where our employees can progress and meet their professional goals.

Employee Benefits


Fun, relaxing work environment

We strive to make Health Cellutions an enjoyable place to work. Fun is an integral part of wellness!

Great pay

We offer competitive salaries to match the industry.

Full use of the facility

Our employees can enjoy free and full access to the facility and family members can enjoy a significantly discounted rate.

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