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Natural, Non-Invasive Pain Treatment

Cupping is one of the oldest therapies still used for mind and body wellness. This ancient practice has been used for centuries to increase blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, and induce cell growth.

At Health Cellutions in Scottsdale, we use cupping therapy as a non-invasive way to alleviate a number of symptoms, as well as to promote overall well-being!


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During cupping therapy, a therapist will place special cups on your skin to create suction, causing the tissue beneath the cup to swell, which then increases blood flow to the area and triggers the release of toxins.


Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 


Results Duration:


What it Treats

Poor circulation

Blood disorders

Muscle pain

High blood pressure


Anxiety and depression

And more!

Why Try Cupping in Scottsdale?


Improved Circulation

Cupping increases blood flow by drawing blood to the treatment areas, helping your body heal.


Natural Detox

Intentional, focused blood flow helps flush out toxins through your lymphatic system, detoxing your system.


Non-Invasive Pain Relief

Cupping is a non-invasive way to alleviate chronic pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and more!


What to Expect

The Cupping Process



We begin each of our treatments at Health Cellutions with an in-depth consultation. This process is particularly important when it comes to cupping, as it allows us to truly get to know your unique concerns and treatment goals.



Cupping Therapy Session

During the cupping session, your provider applies glass cups that have been flamed briefly to create gentle to intense suction. We typically utilize 3 to 5 cups per session, and cups can stay in place for up to 3 minutes. You may feel slight pressure during the cupping process.



Next Steps

Although we recommend taking a day to rest and recuperate, you are free to return to normal activities immediately following the treatment. Because of the suction and the expansion of blood vessels, cupping does cause bruising, but there shouldn’t be any pain associated. This will diminish within 10 days.



Pre-Care Instructions

Before Your Cupping in Scottsdale, Health Cellutions Recommends:


Drink water to maintain hydration prior to your cupping.



Eat a light meal or a snack; your stomach shouldn’t be completely empty or completely full prior to treatment.


Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that’s easy to remove for treatment.



Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

After Your Cupping in Scottsdale, Health Cellutions Recommends:


Drink plenty of water to help flush your lymphatic system.



Rest when your body is telling you to. We recommend taking the rest of the day off.


Keep Warm

Your body may be sensitive to temperature, cover up to keep warm after treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is cupping painful?

Typically, patients report feeling a sensation of pressure during the cupping treatment. Some find the sensation to be more pressure towards the upper part of the back and near the neck. Others find the treatment to be completely relaxing!


How long does a cupping session last?

Cupping can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending on your treatment areas.


How often should I get a cupping treatment?

You can enjoy the benefits of cupping 2 to 3 times a week! Most people get cupping treatments as needed for their specific aches and pains.


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