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Health Cellutions isn’t just your average wellness clinic in Scottsdale. We’re a Biohacking and full body regeneration/optimization and functional fitness studio with a focus on using data-driven, science-backed biohacking methods for regenerative health. Our systems address health at the cellular level to boost energy, relieve pain, and reverse aging. We work with and biohack the body to create an ideal environment where healing and energy maximization can take place. We start on the cellular level and work our way out to include the entire body.


It’s Not Just About Managing Pain

Our country’s health system generally focuses on relieving symptoms, rather than directly targeting the cause. At Health Cellutions, Dr. Brian Thompson and his team firmly believe in our body’s innate ability to heal itself. The human body is a miraculous combination of trillions of individual cells working in harmony to give us form and function. By addressing deficiencies or imbalances on the cellular level the body is encouraged to regenerate and heal. Health Cellutions focuses on cellular health.

Conventional medicine has its place and practical applications, but we’re interested in investigating the root cause of health issues to provide results-focused cellutions at our Biohacking and regenerative health studio in Scottsdale. No matter your lifestyle, our non-invasive biohacking and ancient methods will help you take control of your personal health and whole body performance. No “side effects” only “side benefits.”

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Biohacking Muscle Growth and Repair
Pulse PEMF
Naturopathic & Oriental Medicine


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What Our Patients Are Saying

Beautiful experience, came in with pain and left with a smile. Thank you to all staff for your your warm welcome. Highly recommend.

- Chris Fulop

Stopped in for my mom but got a tour for myself, you should stop in you won’t regret it! Tommy and Mia are amazing and knowledgeable.

- Francisca Grill

Dr. Brian Thompson explained the functions of the many fascinating pieces of equipment, took the time to answer my questions and described the way in which the different equipment could benefit my health. This is a totally innovative facility and I'm so excited to have this place available to us.

- Laura Joyner

Dr.Thompson has a unique skill set that is very evident in the treatment modalities that he offers. He has a good understanding of the human body and its self healing potential and utilizes his unique non -medicine, alternative , integrated approach that heals not only your aches and pain but also improves your overall health. He is a very kind, pleasant and a caring practitioner. He took care of my husband's long standing foot pain with non invasive treatment approach and his pain is totally gone. If we had gone to a conventional doctor it would definitely be a lot of medication and other invasive procedures. I highly recommend him if you want your health to be top notch.

- Dr.Shreedevi Thulasidas (Dr.DEVI, DDS.MS)

First class treatment from the moment you walk in! I'm hard on my body and so far Dr. Thompson, Thomas, Dakota and Erin have all helped me quickly recover from sprained ankles to pulled/strained muscles. Also helping me minimize my workouts which is Fabulous with my busy schedule. I cannot say enough great things about this office. They really care and it shows. The time is now to take back your health and feel great again. The team at Health Cellutions can help you. Tell'em Misty sent you😉

- Misty

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