“Functional Medicine”, according to The Institute of Functional medicine, “is a systems- based, approach that focuses on Identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness.”

Functional Medicine integrates with the philosophy of Health Cellutions perfectly. That is health and disease are created in the cell and our bodies were designed to heal themselves. The body wants to be in harmony and when dysfunction arises the body gets inflamed and dis-ease arises. Functional medicine at Health Cellutions utilizes a combination of testing and hands on observation to help each client identify their specific energy challenges and metabolic deficiencies to provide the nutrients, oxygen, energy and light their body needs to heal, thrive, and function properly.

We strive to Identify the root causes of the issue. We use natural interventions that carry a very low risk and very few side effects. We encourage the body to heal from the inside out. Starting at the cellular level. We look for “why this is happening”. Then focus on getting the entire biological system back on track to optimal performance and health. The “side benefits” of this natural and wholistic approach to optimizing health are broad and your entire body starts to heal and feel amazing again.